What Else?

What else is the committee getting up to behind the scenes..?

Hacking & Paterson (our Estate Factors) & McDermott Contract Services (our landscape contractors) met with the Committee on 20th June 2011 to discuss a number of issues including the following;

  1. H&K’s Management Fee & Level of Service
  2. Play Area Inspections & Drainage/Surfacing Upgrade Plans
  3. The Landscape Contractors Remit & Level of Service
  4. Future rolling programme for re-planting: proposals, timescale & details
  5. South Lanarkshire Council’s remit for the maintenance of roads & street lighting within the estate

Following the meeting, 2 key issues; future replanting to common areas & upgrading works to Minister’s Park play area paths, have been identified as priority. The surfacing to the paths & condition of edging requires immediate action given the associated Health & Safety risks. Also, it is felt by the committee that, with the estate starting to look a bit tired in areas, some expenditure out of the communal funds to refresh the communal planting throughout the estate, on a rolling programme, would be desirable.

Whilst currently there is no upper limit to the amount the KOA Committee is authorised to spend on behalf of the residents, for works in association with the improvement & maintenance of the estate, we have self imposed an upper limit of £2600 (roughly equivalent to 2 quarters worth of communal charges), with a further limit stipulating a minimum float equivalent to 1 quarters worth of charges (approx £1300) to be held in reserve. Quotes for resurfacing works to Minister’s Park Play Park Path have been requested and obtained from 4 organisations, with the cheapest quote coming within the upper limit noted above. This work will therefore be instructed in the near future. Quotes for replanting works have been sought and obtained. The level of expenditure in this instance will exceed the upper limit & notification from Hacking & Paterson will follow regarding approval to undertake the works at the appropriate planting season.

Thanks, The KOA Committee

October 2011

Owners Handbook

One initiative we have been working in is an on-line technical resource for residents who are undertaking some home improvements. If you’ve ever thought.......where do i find replacement roof tiles...? Who manufacturers the external paint and what is the colour code..? Who made the windows..? That kind of thing. The idea is to also list reputable companies that can carry out work. It’ll be a pretty fluid thing, with tips, hints & recommendations from residents added as it develops. If you have any information on the original build specification, let us know & we can add that in too. Hopefully it will be of use to every resident in the future who’s thinking of updating, extending or just maintaining their house & is keen to keep the unique character & appearance of the estate broadly intact.

The first Owner Handbook is available with some contacts. Please click HERE to see the handbook

February 2012

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