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2018 SLC Bin Collections

SLC have posted up the new 2018 calendar.

SLC Bin collection 2018

Click HERE to get the new calendar in PDF format with a description of the colours.

The image has also been posted onto Facebook

Jan 2018

Kittochmuir Signage

Some of you will have noticed that new signs have appeared on the estate in 2017. These include:

  • Dog Fouling - It came to the KOA Committee's attention that dogs had been fouling in the children's play areas. The bins in those areas were overflowing with dog poo bags. This is very un-hygienic and poses a danger to the children using the play areas. The signs were put up to to discourage dog owners from walking and allowing dogs to foul in these areas. As always it is polite and respectful to other owners to always clean up after your dogs.
  • Car Parking - When the Tax Centre introduced charges to park in their car park many of the employees sought alternative parking and several of them started to park in the estate. The notices were put up to discourage this activity.
  • Kittochmuir Neighbourhood Watch - You should also have noticed that the estate is now covered by the neighbourhood Watch Scheme to discourage criminal activity. For more details regarding the NW scheme check the following web sites:

    Jan 2018

  • 2017 AGM Details

    The 2017 AFM meeting was held in the Holiday Inn, East Kilbride as usual. Please find the Agenda and Minutes from the meeting below.

  • May 2017 Agenda
  • 2017 AGM Minutes

  • Jan 2018

    KOA on Facebook

    KOA is on Facebook page has been set up for KOA. Please like us and come along and post up your thoughts and photos of the estate.

    Click to reach the facebook page.

    Jan 2018

    Upgrade to Stewartfield Way

    There has been significant concerns over the possiblity that Stewartfield Way will be upgraded to dual carriage way and the committee has contacted South Lanarkshire Council to get more information. A spokesperson for the Roads and Transportation Department stated:

    'We cannot provide you with a drawing of the proposals for Stewartfield Way at this time as they are still being developed. We are at the early stages of the design process and are carrying out various traffic modelling exercises to determine the requirements of the project. Once these are completed we will draft options for the scheme.
    The only drawing I can direct you to is in the South Lanarkshire Council, Local Transport Strategy (LTS), section 9.33, page 54, which shows the proposed search area for the project. You can access the LTS via the Council web site or via the link below, local_transport_strategy_2013-23.pdf
    I am sorry we cannot be more definitive but we are at a very early stage in the design process.

    Unofficially the committee found the following document from the head of Transportation at SLC in 2015 with some more detailed information. It's worth stating this document is a couple of years old and the plans/dates are subject to change but it does give an indication of key dates. The committee will provide more details as we become aware of developments.

    Feb 2017

    Contacting the Police

    Need the police? Dial 101 any time it isn’t 999.

    • if you’ve had a minor traffic accident
    • if your property has been vandalised
    • if your car has been stolen
    • if you suspect drug dealing
    • if you’ve witnessed a crime
    • if you’ve seen a missing person
    • If you need crime prevention advice
    • if you want to speak to a local police officer

    101 makes it quicker and easier to contact the police when you don't need an emergency response

    101 replaces all local police station numbers with one easy-to-remember number, which you can use to contact police anywhere in the country. Existing local phone numbers will be phased out gradually. 101 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    It costs a flat rate of 15p per call from landline and mobile networks, no matter what time of day or how long you are on the phone. When you dial 101, the system will work out your location and connect you to the service centre covering your area. Using 101 should make the police more accessible while reducing pressure on the 999 system.
    Deaf, deafened, hard of hearing or speech-impaired callers can access the service via TextRelay on 1 800 1 101.

    In an emergency always dial 999 - when someone is in danger, a crime is in progress.
    The local EK Community Police Officer is PC Greg Robertson.

    March 2015

    Reporting Street Light Faults

    If you have a faulty street light please report this to South Lanarkshire Council using their online form located at SLC - Street Light Fault
    You will need to know the following:

  • The number of the street light (each lamppost has a green number attached to it)
  • Street Name
  • Postcode
  • However the website has a handy map that allows you to zoom right into the faulty lamppost to mark it for attention.
    The following should be reported immediately by phoning 0303 123 1015 from 8:45am-4:45pm and 0800 24 20 24 outside these hours:
  • lighting damaged by vehicles or vandalism
  • wires exposed because of broken doors on units
  • light unit hanging
  • more than three lights out in one area
  • Please note: Between May and August single unlit street lights will not be attended to other than during other routine works. Between September and April single unlit street lights will be attended to within 30 working days.

    November 2014

    Holiday Inn, East Kilbride

    The Holiday Inn have kindly supported the KOA Committee over the last few years with meeting room space. If you would like to make use of their facilities, check out the web site at

    Please click HERE for their schedule of events (this will take you to the HIEK website).

    Holiday Inn Glasgow - East Kilbride

    Jan 2018